Bladder Health Means A Happier Sex Life

When it comes to having an active sex life, it starts with confidence. If you don’t have the confidence you need to make it happen, it’s going to not work very well. Confidence about your body and your bladder functions is key. Today we are going to focus on the bladder functions end of your confidence. When you have issues like urine leakage or an overactive bladder, the last think on your mind is having sex with your partner. You may be worried about leakage issues or you may find yourself having to go to the bathroom everytime you start your intimate affair.

Having self-esteem when it comes to your bladder can be accomplished by simply fixing the problem. Flotrol medicine is a bladder control medication which can help your body gain back control over its bladder functions. We highly encouarge you to give it a try. This is an over-the-counter supplement, so you don’t have to worry about that awkward conversation at your doctor’s office. There’s really no excuse to not give it a try as it could completely change your sex life for the better. It’s important to realize that bladder issues happen to both men and women.